Here we are walking in the night, neither cool nor bitter but calm, temperate, pure.
Our bare feet tread the soft green grass in paced steps.
Neither slow nor fast since by now you have the feeling as though you’re hovering above the ground.
You’ve been walking distances, miles in the night.
In your heart, you know that you must be here, that you must go on, that you must find it.
The rising moon dazzles the face of the waters white, glistening as millions of tiny diamonds.
As you turn your eyes to see it, it’s sheer size seems to be filling the entire sky.
It radiates the dark blue ether with such clarity that even now you’re able to touch its very atoms.
And in your heart, this same inexplicable conviction grows more and more, that you are here for a purpose.
You are waiting on the edge of eternity and suddenly, you hear it.




Verse 1:
In men’s hearts you grow
Tears of gold you sow
Upon fields of green
Waiting for the fruit seen

Glow through the spectacles of night
And die in the darkness of light

Let candles out of sight
Moon I’ll ride you in your flight.




Verse 2:
Sail the night, ride the sea
Ree the green turns to flowers
To thee they took me nearer
the ones that sailed before me.

Riders riding ride forever,
Roaring out the road of never

Seeking inside ways to light
and still for you we have to fight.

Lyrics: © Thomas Weeks