Verse 1:
These peaks have shadowed us day and night, clear and white in the golden sun.
The shores below have endured all pride and all sorrows of humankind.
Such mighty dreams made of steal and stone are drawn from our earths marrowbone,
Just as fair feathers so fragile float on the breeze of the western wind.
We’ve filled our cups with this crystal water and emptied it to its dregs.
We’ve shared all of today’s bread yet with no thought for tomorrow’s need.


I see the tip of a skyline high tearing the
dawn. An American song in the mind of the
people. The choc of all nations, the swirl of the
seas, as we look for our fate empty-handed a-
way on the sidelines of our mighty fortresses
built on vain purposes, lost in dark recesses.
Meanwhile the canopy gleams in serenity,
Castles ablaze in true glory and beauty untamed.


Chorus: (4X)
The skyline holds the pride of mankind
With a dream of bliss held deep in its heart.

*All these dreams you build for yourself
Owe their lives to the ground it stands on.*


Verse 2:
This is the earth, water, fire and sky from which we get all our sustenance.
A fragile balance of elements such a frail trail for man to walk.
A rose grows in much complexity and will last just this summer long
Yet in simplicity it is plucked for a smile or a day’s delight.
Let the echoes of a free world in mutation collect your soul
To remember inherently we depend on the air we breathe.


The song of the sunlight or that of the oceans
Is steady and bright with nothing to prove.
It pervaded the air long before man was there
To boast on its shores with his graceless tunes


As we journey into the future.
In our trail let us be wise,
To always maintain the only earth we have.

Lyrics: © Thomas Weeks