Tidy Duty

Part 1:
Show me in what space
your dreams are made,
Ethereal Galaxy,

where your plasmic stars crystallise.
Resonation unbound


Part 2:
Electric bolts turn your universe
Gathering pure energy
Lightening your sky in a thousand shades
Through cataclysmic alloys

Gravitating round the spheres
Atmospherics collide


Part 3:
Carry on majestically
Through your jovian course
Like a Trojan in disguise
Seeking a grander fate

Time collapses, movements lie
Suspended in your quasar-heart.


Part 4:
Visions of pristine composure dwell
Beyond sidereal orbs.
Fusing all impulses through the night
Reaching material form.

Tender dreams all ablaze
Whisper in your heart.

Gravitating round the spheres
Atmospherics crash.

Lyrics: © Thomas Weeks